Kanagawa University
Material and Life Chemistry
3-27-1 Rokkakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, 221-8686, JAPAN
Building 23rd, Room 827, 828 and 829
TEL +81-45-481-5661 (ex. 3902) Access to the Lab.

Catalyst Materials Laboratory

Prof. Ueda's group

The Lab is constituted with the following members: Prof. Ueda, Assistant Prof. Yoshida, two postdoctoral researchers (Dr. Zhenxin ZHANG and Dr. Raquel Simancas), two assistants, five graduate students, and twelve undergraduate students.

Research Field

Material chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Catalysis

Research Subjects

Conversion of cellulose into lactic acid using high-dimensionally structured niobium oxide catalyst, Oxidation of C1-C4 alkanes for chemical manufacturing, Synthesis of Mo-Se mixed metal oxide nanowires for cellulose conversion, and Synthesis of peptide-modified mesoporous silica for asymmetric catalysts.


Catalytic oxidation is a quite important class of reactions especially in the processes of conversion of fossil resources into energy and useful chemical products. In addition, social demands for achieving high energy and resource efficiency in manufacturing processes have been growing in recent years. In our group, we are developing sophisticated design and synthetic methods for catalytic materials which enable the catalysts to convert biomass and to oxidize alkanes into useful chemicals with high efficiency.

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