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Creation of new fusion materials by integration of highly-ordered nano inorganic materials and ultra-precisely controlled organic polymers

renew: 2016 11 18

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[Project Purpose]
...Based on technologies for controlling inorganic nano-structure formation and condensation polymerization developed in the university, this research project is directed toward development of (i) functional inorganic nano-materials deployed on a substrate and (ii) functional organic-inorganic hybrids generated by self-assembling of π-conjugated polymers and inorganics such as nano-tube and nano-wire.

[Project Summary]
...Inorganic materials are durable and have an intrinsic potential to versatile functioning on photic, electronic and thermal irritation or stimulation, however their controlled preparation as fine nano-structures had not necessarily been easy so far. While, unicellular organisms, including diatoms, can built a silica cell-wall with elaborate, complicated micro-to-nano scale structures that are called a bio-silica. Inspired by the bio-silica formation, we have developed a technology for constructing inorganic nanostructure by transferring the structure of the polymer nano-crystal aggregates.
...On the other hand, we have also built up methods for controlled synthesis of conjugated organic polymers essential to photo- and electronic materials, that have a narrow polydispersity and a well-defined end-structure.
...On the basis of these inventive technologies and their fusion, we wish to develop next generation functional materials useful for our life and universe.

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[Expected Goals]
...Since surface of nano-umbonal silica sod is quite large in area, its modification with organic molecules can provide materials having a high separation ability. This is useful for purification of water and ethanol from crude bio-fuel.
...Immobilization of rare earth metal oxides on ordered nano-silica will provide a system versatile for thermal-optical energy transfer, which may be a innovative technology for energy conservation.
...Highly efficient solar cell comprised with titanium oxide and self-assembled organic conductive polymer will be produced.
...Materials for asymmetric reactions and catalyses will be developed by hybrid of organic polymers and chiral silica nano-tube or wire.